Create Your Own Broke on Purpose Money Envelope Bundle


Want to use the Broke on Purpose Money Envelopes to help you budget but don’t need a full bundle. You can now create your own custom bundle to fit your needs perfectly.

How Do They Work?

At the beginning of the month place cash into each envelope. Whenever you purchase something from that category use the cash in the envelope to pay  for the transaction. No more worrying about overdraft fee’s or if your card will get declined as you’ll always know how much money you can spend before you spend it. You can learn more about using the Broke on Purpose Money Envelopes (here)!

It’s a proven fact that people spend 10%-15% less with cash than they do with plastic such as credit or debit cards. Since the money is not physically leaving your hand, there isn’t a mental or emotional attachment to the amount you’ve just spent. When you change the scenario and purchase with cash, you’re more likely to think longer and harder before you agree to buy because once the money is gone, it’s gone for good. If you’d like a better way of keeping control of how much you’re spending or if you’d like an easier way to break down your budget into categories and keep yourself accountable the Broke on Purpose Money Envelopes are the perfect tools for you.

The Broke on Purpose Money Envelopes are available in either black or white. They are open-ended and have a straight flap. Gold foil is applied to envelopes individually giving each a unique, chic appearance. Money Envelopes are made to withstand normal wear and tear, but they are not waterproof.

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Available Money Envelopes

Groceries: Pulling out this envelope in the grocery aisle will cause major envy from other shoppers. Proceed with caution.

Treat Yo’ Self: It’s okay to buy nice things when you’ve budgeted for them and can afford it. So use this envelope to treat yourself to something you deserve!

Self Care: Hair, Mani, Pedi or even a ticket to the ballet, use this envelope to pay for items that help you feel and look great.

Foodie Fund: Use this envelope when dining at your favorite restaurant or grabbing a quick bite at the drive-thru.

Fill’er Up: Use this envelope to budget out how much you plan to spend on gas each month.

Latte Loot: Find yourself at Starbucks or Dunk Donuts more than you care to admit? That latte won’t break the budget when you’re using cash.

Vacay: Use this envelope to keep track of expenses during vacation.

Entertainment: Budget out your fun for the week or month in this envelope.

Happy Hour: Never overspend at Happy Hour again!

Cheerful Giver: Everyone loves a cheerful giver, be it tithes and offering at church or buying a gift for a friend. Use the “Cheerful Giver” envelope to keep your benevolence within budget.

Household Stuff: Toiletries, Windex, Paper Towels, you name it!

Baby’s Cash: It’s easy to go off budget when you have a bundle of joy to spoil. With the “Baby’s Cash” envelope you’ll keep those “This is so cute!” in check!

Fro Funds: For the naturalista who is a self-proclaimed product junkie or loves to have someone else detangle and style those curls. This envelope is just for you!

Girls Night Out: No one call be all work and no play! That makes for a miserable life. Use the Girls Night Out envelope to keep yourself on a budget when out with your friends.

Date Night: Use this envelope to get away with the husband or bae. Save up for a special weekend or splurge on a really nice dinner. When you’ve got it in your budget who’s going to stop you?

Business Expense: For entrepreneurs and those who travel for work, keep all your receipts in one easy to find spot, or use the envelope to budget how much money you’d like to spend towards business expenses for the month.

You can also choose from premade bundles below

Broke on Purpose Money Envelope Main Bundle

Best Deal* Broke on Purpose Money Envelope Mega Bundle 


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Budgeting isn’t one size fits all and some like to use other methods to help keep them on track. That’s why we’re giving you the option to create your very own Broke on Purpose® Money Envelope Bundle. Craft the perfect bundle from the choices below that fit your lifestyle needs. You can also add-on to pre-existing bundles, purchase replacement envelopes, or gift them to friends and family for a special occasion!

You can also choose from premade bundles below

Broke on Purpose Money Envelope Main Bundle

Best Deal* Broke on Purpose Money Envelope Mega Bundle

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