October 2015 Debt Payoff Report

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I’m a little late posting this October Debt Payoff Report, but I definitely had to share because last month my husband and I hit a milestone within our debt payoff journey.  This would be a lot more exciting if we were saving up the money instead of paying off debt, but we’ve finally hit the $20K mark. Actually, we’re over the $20K mark as since we started Broke on Purpose 8 months ago we’ve paid off a whopping $22, 192! That’s right that’s $22K worth of debt gone! It’s so refreshing to have that weight of debt off our backs. When I wake up in the morning I’m no longer worrying about what bill is due or even if we’ll have enough money to cover us for the month. I don’t worry about these things because we have a written budget and we working on Debt Snowball with Gazelle Intensity.

Now that we no longer have Car Payments or Credit Cards we are super focused on knocking out a huge portion of our Student Loan debt before I finish my Ph.D. and my last two deferred loans kick in. We’re hoping to pay off at least $34k more before I graduate so *in my Rick Ross voice* “Everyday I’m hustlin” to make as much as possible to get rid of it quick

This month we were able to pay off $3519 in debt bringing our remaining balance for this Student Loan to be $13,315.00. We’re still keeping hope alive that we will have this paid in full by January 1st 2016, as I want to go into the new year with as little debt as possible.

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