November Debt Payoff Report

November 2015 Broke on Purpose Pay Off Amounts

Paying off debt is exhausting. As I type this post I am honestly mentally and physically exhausted. My days are spent working, constantly, running on the rat wheel trying my best to find a way to get off. I know there is no way off. At least not right now, at least not until we are debt free. The other day my Husband and I planned breakfast around an experiment I had going on in the lab. At breakfast, we were talking about our goals as we usually do and making plans for what’s going to happen job wise once I receive my Ph.D. We talked about moving, buying a house, and out of all of this I remember saying that out of everything I wanted options. When you’re in debt you don’t get many options. You actually only get two. You get the option to stay in debt and be a slave to the lender or you get the option to put on your big girl panties and get out of it.

When we decide to buy our next house I don’t want what we can afford to be limited by all the other things we have to pay. I want to purchase the house that we fall in love with and know that we can afford it without a shadow of a doubt. I want to vacation uninhibited and not think about credit card bills that coming due. I want options and this is why I’m pushing through and continuing this Broke on Purpose Journey.

November 2015 Broke on Purpose Pay Off Amounts

We went into this month with $13,315.00 remaining on our fist student loan. By combining money from our debt snowball and my part time work we were able to pay off $2948.00 bringing our total amount down to $10,366.31. In a previous post, I  mentioned how we were hoping to have this particular student loan paid off by the end of the month.  Every time I look at the remaining amount a part of me wants to get discouraged, but there is a stronger part of me that reminds myself to stay encouraged, grateful and thankful. I know that if we continue to diligently work the plan we will be free of this debt. I’m grateful for the ability to pay as much as we do and I’m thankful for the experience.


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