Broke on Purpose September 2017 Debt Payoff Report

September 2017 Broke on Purpose Debt Payoff Report

Initially, there was a lot that I wanted to share, but mentally I just can’t. Between the devastating hurricanes, having to explain to people why we kneel, and the latest shootings in Las Vegas, where I was just this past Monday and Tuesday, I am simply unable to can. So this debt payoff report will be short and abbreviated so that I can get back to focusing on my self-care.

A lot has changed for us since the last Debt Payoff Report. Marcus and I are both adjusting to this new life where I’m spending a majority of my time on the road. Needless to say, our budget suffered greatly because we were so focused on everything else that we didn’t take time to really track our spending. Instead of shopping for groceries we opted to dine out, simply because it was easier. We blew through our “dining out” money and basically took the money we had allotted for groceries to cover the overages. I knew it was happening but was honestly just too busy to care. Sounds bad, but hey it’s the truth.

We also had an unexpected expense of $247 from having to put our dogs in boarding for almost a week while we both were out of town for work. So, those that say our months always look picture perfect, I hope this is evidence enough for you that we are actually human and deal with mishaps with the budget also.

Despite our shortcomings, this month Marcus and I were successfully able to finish paying off our $12,000 student loan, which took us 3.25 months and started paying on the next one that has a starting balance of $9071.00. Our goal is to have this one paid off in 2-2.5 months.


Amount towards debt: $4069

Remaining Balance of $12,000 loan $0

Remaining Balance of $9071 loan $7263.89

Amount paid since living Broke on Purpose (30 months): $96,644.00


Now that I’ve been in my position for almost a whole month I’m confident we’ll be able to get back to sticking to our budget. I went grocery shopping yesterday to make it happen. I hope your month of living Broke on Purpose was successful and through it all, you learned more about your finances and yourself.  Above all make sure you take care of yourselves mentally and physically. Remember, it’s okay to unplug.



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