New Broke on Purpose Money Envelopes

Broke on Purpose Makeup Moolah and Target Money Envelopes (1 of 1)

Many people and fallen in love with the Broke on Purpose Money Envelopes. They’re cute, chic, and help them stay within their budget while living their best lives. The other day I realized that the Broke on Purpose bundles were missing two key envelopes, those being envelopes for buying beauty products and shopping at almost everyone’s favorite store, Target.

Makeup Moola Money Envelope

As a Digitial media Influencer, I write a lot about beauty and sometimes when I go to stores like Sephora or Ulta I am tempted to get carried away with all the new releases. With the Broke on Purpose Money Moola envelope, I can keep myself in check by only spending what I have budgeted in the envelope.

Broke on Purpose Makeup Moolah Money Envelope

Target Money Envelope

We can all agree that Target is the one place where you go in with full determination to only buy the items on your list. That is until you look in the bulls eye and walk out with lawn chairs, a goldfish shaped platter, and a toy for a pet you don’t even own.  Next trip, go in locked and loaded with your Broke on Purpose Target Money Envelope!

Broke on Purpose Target Money Envelope

These Money Envelopes only come in black and are available for add-on to any of the envelope bundles or available for individual purchase.


Purchase the Broke on Purpose Mega Envelope Bundle here.



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